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I needed a custom size for my print and the seller was very accommodating! The final product looks great on my bathroom gallery wall.

We commissioned Amy for a portrait of our rescue spaniel Ruby. The finished product is delightful, and captures her character beautifully. The communication during the process was excellent too. Highly recommended

Bought two (Tears of the Patriarchy Holographic Stickers) Popped one on my water bottle and one on the tub that holds my tea bags at work. I will drink you with relish, patriarchy!

LOVE THESE SO MUCH! Amazing quality prints, printed on really good card and the detail is amazing you can tell how much time and effort goes in to these stunning pieces. The seller is gorgeous and more than happy to help with anything at all, I received these prints hella quick as well...I’m beyond happy with these purchases and cannot thank the seller enough for these beautiful pieces of art.

Love this - got it for my daughter and looks fab in a simple small frame. Now my other daughter wants one too ! Quality printing on good card. Came wrapped with a nice message and delivered quickly. Would 100% recommend.

My pandemic project has been working on a new (heavy metal) jacket, and this patch adds a polite middle finger to what most metal and punk bands rail against: hypocrisy, greed, inequality, and ignorance...Show your utter contempt for the system with the adorable patch.

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