Tears of the patriarchy

My Tears of the Patriarchy design was originally part of Inktober, inspired by the prompt 'weak.' The illustration was hand drawn in a pointillism style with a range of fine liners. As it was a personal favorite of mine, I decided to take it further, made prints and it has quickly became my bestseller online and in person.


The design has since been made into glossy stickers, earrings and patches.

Tears of the Patriarchy Stickers Image
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Tears of the Patriarchy

My holographic stickers of 'Tears of the Patriarchy' has been featured in an upcoming movie, Plan B (2021) which is currently available on Hulu.

This illustration was also included in the December edition of the Artists Responding To...Zine. 

My Tears of the Patriarchy magnets has exhibited at the Home(work) exhibition, hosted by ArtHelix Gallery in New York City through the Shim Art Network, on the 23rd of October to the 18th of December.

I also took part in Love Your Vessel's International Women's Day virtual art exhibition on 8th of March 2020 at 10am EST.