For this project, I have produced a line of giftware and a stationary collection based on Welsh culture and language. I hope to spark a new passion within the local people as well as people from afar, with exciting and modern collection of illustrations.  Specializing in a pointillism style, my designs were created with a mixture of digital and traditional mediums, echoing the past and the present of Welsh culture.

The teacups and pottery were inspired and based on the items that I found in my grandmothers home as well as local charity shops. I liked he idea of incorporating the past owners and history into my project.

The other motifs were inspired by structures and homes found in St Fagans National Musem of History. Some of the buildings featured in my designs were:

A 17th-century circular thatched cockpit from Denbigh.

Kennixton Farmhouse. 

Nant Wallter Cottage.

Once I had finalized the designs, I then turned them into wrapping paper and gift boxes along with stickers and gift tags. 

All items created were shown at the ALL exhibition at the Swansea Grand Theatre. 

© 2016 by Amy Jackson, all rights reserved