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Alpha Male Suncatcher - Window Decal

Alpha Male Suncatcher - Window Decal

A unique holographic window sticker featuring my Alpha Male Illustration, inspired by alpha male podcasts. Perfect for the feminist in your life or just someone who to add a little sparkle to their lives.


Width: 17.5 centimetresHeight: 5.5 centimetres

These suncatchers work great as a new home gift, or just a gift to yourself. Perfect for an office space to add some joy to your day to day life.

This handmade suncatcher is the perfect rainbow maker for your home! Inspired by one of my pointillism designs, I simplified the design to work as a suncatcher to let as much rainbow and sunlight shine through as possible.

How to Apply:
1- Clean your window or clear surfacethoroughly
2- Wet the window with a moist papertowel or use a spray bottle
3- Peel the sticker from the backing andplace the sticker on the wet window
4- Slide it into a position - the sticker may seem like it's floating or sliding
5- Use a credit card or a squeegee for the excess water and air bubbles
6- Wipe your window dry

These suncatchers work best when used on a clear surface, such as glass and using a little water to help place your design. Use a towel to pat dry and just wait for the rainbows!

Contains one suncatcher to create dazzling rainbows on sunny days and a great addition to your window even on rainy days as you’ll still be able to see design.

All suncatchers are made by hand so no two are the same. 


*Suncatchers work best when placed in direct sunlight*

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